ways to run or walk a city – VisitBrabant network

The first episode of this mini-series was about an interesting but also huge project of an American professional athlete. Guys and girls like him (partly) earn their income with projects attractive to a large enough audience of followers and running media to keep them a worthwhile investment for their corporate sponsors. Thus the ‘extremism’ of his project. But us average nobodies don’t need to sell, we just want stuff to motivate ourselves and stuff that is enjoyable.

I am a big fan of the visitBrabant network of walking routes. Various posts and articles for Eindhoven News testify to that. So it cannot come as a surprise that I suggest the part of this network covering Eindhoven as a doable (as opposed to an admire-from-your-armchair) version of covering the streets of your city. And a great way to acquaint yourself with parts of town you have not yet visited.

Below access the full-screen version of the existing VisitBrabant route network:


Up to you if you want to add challenges above and beyond covering all sections within the municipal borders (re those municipal borders: I suggest to go easy on yourself and if entering a neighbouring municipality for a short while makes it easy to avoid doubling back, so be it). What comes to mind would e.g. be to cover all in a minimum number of outings, or with a minimum number of repeat sections. What matters more than an extra challenge is spending time with the map before and after your outings. You’ll find that the better you have internalized the city map, the better your on-the-ground sense for direction is going to be. What I mean is the sense of not knowing your immediate surroundings but knowing where in general you are and thus how those surroundings connect to (more) familiar terrain. And the better that sense, the more you will feel ‘at home’. And that my friends is a huge bonus of exploring the place you live.


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