ways to run or walk a city – all streets

The media landscape catering to (trail, mountain and ultra)running afficionados has changed quite dramatically since I entered it in the late 90s. The number, diversity and availability of running documentaries, currently a veritable tsunami of new additions accessible through youtube or vimeo, is one of the more noticeable.

As with much in life, quantity comes with repetition of a couple of standard formats. But even an enthusiast like myself can only stomach so many beautiful landscapes, listen to so many similar narratives, deal with so much more-of-the-same storylines, esthetic wizzardry and motivational cliches. So my tendency to watch has declined and when I do, I am rarely taken in.

Urban running though seems to be an exception. Yes, where before nothing existed, off and on now a visual is released, but still few and far between, and rarely ever taking an innovative, surprising, refreshing, thought-provoking take on running cityscapes. Ricky Gates’ project below is certainly such a piece, and has predictably been picked up by major running media. So chances are you have seen it already. But just in case you haven’t: enjoy, reflect and hopefully start designing your own Eindhoven version. Not literally, but in spirit. Let me know!


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