Nearly all I have ever written as part of my working life is as grey as it gets. Most is difficult to find anywhere online, if at all. For some reports etc. that is probably with good reason. Be warned.

Below a list of stuff that I have written or co-authored, uploaded to this blog. All can be opened/downloaded from here. If I know of other places in cyberspace where it can also be found or something relevant regarding it is available, it is mentioned below.

reports, academic articles, book chapters, working papers

Improving Due Diligence Tools. External Financial Audit, Financial System Assessments and Finance Monitoring Visits

SADP, Due Diligence Working Paper 3, July 2017

Financial Management of Cambodian NGOs. 2nd Survey of Grantmakers and Audit Firms

SADP, Due Diligence Working Paper 2, December 2015

NGO governance in Cambodia: Service and support options for improving financial management

SADP, Due Diligence Working Paper 1, May 2015

NGOs, People’s Movements and Natural Resource Management

In: Caroline Hughes, Keang Un (eds.)(2011) Cambodia’s economic transformation. Kopenhagen: NIAS Press. Chapter 14, p.288-309.

Cambodia Context Analysis for CNV International Final report

with Serei Phal Kien. October 2010

Mistakes and their consequences: Why impunity in Cambodia is here to stay

In: Edwin Poppe, Maykel Verkuyten (eds.) (2007) Culture and Conflict. Liber Amicorum for Louk Hagendoorn . Amsterdam: Aksant

Donors, “Do No Harm”, and the issue of justice in Cambodia

In: NIAS nytt, Asia Insights, nr.3, p.12-14, December 2006

Review of a Decade of Research On Trafficking in Persons, Cambodia

with main author Anoushka Derks and Ly Vanna. The Asia Foundation & CAS, May 2006

Evaluation of most vulnerable families listing process, including an outcome comparison with other poverty identification models

with Kristina Chhim and Hean Sokhom. CAS for GTZ Kampot. January 2006

Corruption and Cambodian Households. Household survey on perceptions, attitudes and impact of everyday forms of corrupt practices in Cambodia

Center for Social Development Phnom Penh, 2005 (authorship falsely claimed by principal’s research coordinator)

ICCO Identification Mission – Democratization & Peace Building in Cambodia

with Kristina Chhim, CAS, Final Report November 2005; Annexes

Qualitative Baseline For The Cambodia Program

with Sandra Jones, CAS & Buddhist Institute for International HIV/AIDS Alliance/Frontiers Prevention Programme, November 2005

Commune Councils in Cambodia. A national survey on their functions and performance, with a special focus on conflict resolution.

with Kim Ninh. The Asia Foundation. 2005. Also available here.

Social Impact Assessment (SIA) of Koh Kong Industrial/Export Processing Zone Project

with Nathalie Bouche, Peter Ward, and Hean Sokhom. UNDP. March 2005

Evaluation of most vulnerable families listing process

with Kristina Chhim, Hean Sokhom, Kea  Kunthmalia, Lath Poch & Lim Sidedine. CAS for GTZ Kampong Thom. February 2005

The State of Democracy in Cambodia – The Added Value of Opinion Polls

with Hean Sokhom. Asian Barometer. Working Paper Series: No. 19, 2004

Poipet area review: evaluation and consolidation of information relevant to Poipet.

CAS, for ZOA Refugee Care, November 2004

Public Opinion Surveys on Judicial Independence and Accountability. Country Report: Cambodia

The Asia Foundation submitted to the ADB. September 2004

Public opinion poll on citizens’ perception of the judicial system of Sri Lanka

with Sally Hendriks. CAS & Marga to The Asia Foundation. May 2004

L’utilisation du savoir » dans le domaine des politiques sociales aux Pays-Bas : le cas de la législation relative à l’assurance invalidité (WAO)

with Erik de Gier & Jacqueline Vijghen. Revue International des Sciences Sociales/International Social Science Journal, 2004/1, 179, p.19-41

The Dutch Disability Insurance Act (WAO) and the role of research in policy change

with Erik de Gier & Jacqueline Vijghen. ASSR Working paper 03/02, September 2003. Also available here.

A framework for understanding cross-national differences in the relationship between research and policy

Journal of International Migration and Integration, 2001, Vol 2(4), p.581-611

Funding possibilities for ex ante designed internationally comparative empirical research

SISWO, for the Metropolis International Steering Committee, June/October 2001

Social Ontwikkelingen in Haaglanden

with Han Entzinger, Utrecht: European Research Centre On Migration and Ethnic Relations (Ercomer) Research Paper 2000/02

Building Bridges. Towards effective means of linking scientific research and public policy: Migrants in European cities

with Malcolm Cross, Philip Oberknezev and Katrina Pouliasi. Utrecht: AWSB research papers 99/07, February 2002. Also available here.

Vergelijkende methoden vergeleken tekst

Sociale Wetenschappen, 1998, vol 41(4), p.8-23

Etnische verhoudingen in Midden- en Oost-Europa. [Ethnic relations in Central and Eastern Europe]

with Louk Hagendoorn, Karen Phalet and Rian Drogendijk. The Hague: WRR, V88, 1995, Also available here.

guest posts, presentations, etc.

Global Anticorruption Blog – Please Criticize Me! (why anticorruption practitioners should scrutinize and challenge research methodology

Funding Agency Due Diligence: an action-research proposal

Due Diligence, funding agencies, and sharing partner information. Presentation for funding agency meeting, organized by The Asia Foundation, Phnom Penh 8 September 2016

2015 Grantmaker survey, due diligence, funding agencies, and surveys as an action-research tool. Presentation to funding agencies, organized by SADP,  Phnom Penh, 4 March 2016

Global Anticorruption Blog – Corruption among developmentNGOs part 3 The need for collective action by funding agencies

Global Anticorruption Blog – Corruption among developmentNGOs part 2 The hot potato of upward accountability

Global Anticorruption Blog – Corruption among development NGOs part 1 Getting the Facts

Why research is of little use to Nepal’s Peace Process

Paper contribution to Conference on Conflict, Transition and Possibilities for Peace in Nepal: challenges to engagement, practice and scholarship. Organized by Martin Chautari ( and the Social Science Baha (, Kathmandu 3-4 July 2010

Running tourism Why are running trails in Southasia not yet a popular form of adventure tourism?

In: Opinion Himal, 2010/5

The Programmatic Approach: reflections from Cambodia

ICCO, Phnom Penh. December 2007

APRODEV Cambodia Partner Mapping First Update September 2007

with Hong Huong. Novermber 2007

APRODEV Cambodia Partner Mapping Baseline December 2006

with Hong Huong. February 2007

ICCO-KiA Partner mapping report

Baseline, December 2006

Good data require good field work

CAS. A discussion paper for the sixth socio-cultural research congress on Cambodia, Royal University of Phnom Penh on the professional disinterest in transparent, methodologically rigorous quantitative data collection. November 2003

Mapping Cambodian research expertise and activities

CAS. A discussion paper for the fifth socio-cultural research congress on Cambodia, Royal University of Phnom Penhon the need for a mapping exercise to strengthen social science research infrastructure. November 2002.

Session report Social Cohesion, Diversity and Inequality

with Lisa Putman. SISWO for Belgian Presidency conference on Unity and Diversity: the contribution of the social sciences and the humanities to the ERA Bruges, October 29-30, 2001. January 2002. Full conference proceedings available here.

International Conference on “Social Science and Governance”. Final Report

UNESCO MOST and Netherlands Commission for UNESCO. Zeist, The Netherlands, 20-21 March 2000. Also available here

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