looking at green and urban Eindhoven differently – mix’em and more

The advantage of taking one particular feature as your guide through the city is that it leaves you with minimal room for choice. The feature determines what you are going to come across (and hopefully be surprised by). The downside is that it leaves you with minimal room for choice. To make the most of the advantage, diversions to include something interesting or different or fun or whatever close by are best avoided.

But once you have milked any particular feature for what it has to offer on its own, you’ve got all to win by pocketing your finds and combining them with those delivered by other features. Because what you are after is knowing your way around your living environment (in as broad a sense as possible) so well that you can freely move, always knowing where you (sorta) are, what interesting urban or green treasures are nearby, and how to piece together a nice trajectory for the day.

All the features described in this mini series, urban (ring roads and radials) and green (high voltage power line, canals, rivers and streams, and railway tracks) are corridors that at various points intersect and can easily be combined. Two approaches of another mini series, walking/running all city neighbourhoods or all of its VisitBrabant routes, show you additional connections to include in your route knowledge toolkit.

All of the above are versions of

  • Look at the map and try to figure out what might make for interesting routes
  • Go out and explore and check out anything (additional) that looks promising.

I don’t claim my suggestions are exhaustive so pursue anything that catches your eye when looking at the map! Any bit of green is potentially worth checking out. Any snippet of info on what is out there: make an effort to have look at it. Don’t assume one visit is enough. Different season, different day can make lot of difference.

Now go out walking.


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